3 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is here and with it comes vacation planning, fun outdoor events, and hot temperatures. In addition to enjoying all the fun and entertainment summer offers, it's vital to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration, heat stroke, and maintain heart health. Here we list some ways to stay hydrated and make sure you keep yourself and your family well-hydrated to ensure a happy and healthy summer.

Water Bottles: Not only are reusable water bottles a convenient way to carry your water, they have become fashion statements in their own right! Reusable water bottles make it easy to bring water with you on trips and reduce the waste produced by disposable plastic bottled water.

If purchasing a plastic water bottle, make sure to look for "BPA-free" plastic. There are also plenty of glass and stainless steel options if you are not comfortable with plastic.

Eat Your Water: Fruits and vegetables contain high percentages of water. Packing these as snacks is a great way to ensure healthy snacking and hydration. Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, and blueberries all contain more than 85% water. The main bonus is that these fruits are in season so it's easy to buy them fresh at the Farmer's Market or at your local grocer. Vegetables that have a high water content are lettuce, celery, tomato and carrots. Incorporate lettuce and tomato in a hamburger or sandwich to add water content. Celery and carrots are items that can be easily packed in baggies or a cooler.

Sport Drinks: Drinks like Gatorade and Powerade help replenish lost electrolytes, especially after an intense workout. Some versions of these drinks can be high in sugar and calories, so best to stick with water if you're enjoying a relaxing day in the sun - and don't forget the sunscreen!

Most physicians and dieticians recommend avoiding caffeinated beverages if you're anticipating a hot day. The caffeine acts as a diuretic which means it causes you to lose more fluids.

It's also generally recommended to avoid fruit juices and soda on an empty stomach or if you think you are getting dehydrated. The acids in those drinks can be harsh on your stomach.

Staying hydrated is important even if you are relaxing on a chair or floating in the pool. Hotter temperatures cause us to sweat more, no matter what our activity level. Incorporating the tips above into your summer activities will help ensure a safe summer!

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