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What Our Patients Say

“On the day of the procedure I went alone but did not feel alone. Admitting was fast and easy, my volunteer who wheelchair me was super nice, I had a outpatient volunteer host come by offering cookies and hot tea (of course for later), and she said she will be there when my family arrives. The RNs were patient and caring in the transfusion and very careful reading my ID and blood bags, the anesthesiologist was funny and procedure effortlessly. In recovery I was given the nicest and caring staff imaginable. I was checked if warm or thirsty, making sure the light didn't disturb me, so many kind supportive words such as "it's going well, looking great, feeling better?". When a staff left, they came in to say goodbye and introduce a new person. I honestly felt pampered. Not a word one would use at a hospital. I cannot be more grateful at how comfortable and well taken care of I was. I have not been hospitalized in my life, this was a first, and I am genuinely surprised at the level of care. Thank you!”
- Monica M.,

"I want to say thank you to the nurses in the NICU and Postpartum for taking care of me while I was in the hospital. They are very caring, friendly and professional."

"I had never stayed at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, and I was treated with respect and dignity. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

"Thank you to everyone who took such good care of me and my baby."

"Best hospital staff ever!!!"

"Started my family there. It's the best hospital."